Thank you for exhibiting at the 2017 Find Me A Condo Show!


Within this exhibitor guide you will find all the information, order forms, and documents you will need to ensure your needs are met, and your show experience is successful.


Please read through carefully and note all important forms necessary to order utilities, facility services, as well as additional contractor services.



Heritage Court, Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place
100 Princes Blvd #1
Toronto, ON  M6K 3C3


Sat, May 27, 2017, 10:00 AM – 7:00PM

Sun, May 28, 2017, 10:00 AM – 6:00PM

Show Location



Exhibitor badges will be available for pickup in person at the show.
Click here to see the map for location of show office.


Note: All booths receive two exhibitor badges, if you require further badges for employees on site, please contact alex@findmeacondoshow.com or call 647-920-5628 before May 15th 2017.



The Enercare Centre requires that certain work on site be performed by members of various unions with which it has agreements. Any work falling under these categories must be carried out by members of a union recognized by the Enercare Centre.


Exhibition Place requires all licensees and their exhibitors to adhere to all Collective Agreements in place between Exhibition Place and the following Unions:



  1. Carpenters
  2. Electricians
  3. Plumbers
  4. Production Technicians
  5. Painters



All union issues should be reviewed with your Event Coordinator. All issues relative to the amount and type of display work you can perform within the confines of your exhibit booth space must be discussed with your approved contractor.


Exhibition Place maintains an agreement with the International Labourers’ Union, Local 506 which has jurisdiction over the loading and unloading of all trucks and decorating needs (from marking, pipe, drape, hard walls, banners/sign hanging, etc.) normally performed by a service contractor (decorator). In addition the assembly of prefabricated booths, the use of mechanical equipment i.e. forklifts etc. must be performed by members of the International Labourers’ Union, Local 506. Arrangements for all temporary labourers should be made through Exhibition Place, Event & Facility Department or directly through the approved decorator assigned by the event.


Cleaning services must be provided by members of International Labourers’ Union, Local 506.


SHOWTECH POWER & LIGHTING is the exclusive provider of electrical/lighting and exclusively assigns electrical services to members of IBEW Local 353. SHOWTECH is also the exclusive provider of plumbing, compressed air, and natural gas services for Trade or Consumer Shows.


All audio/visual work, rigging and theatrical lighting installations must be performed by union labour in accordance with the agreement between Exhibition Place and International Alliance of Theatrical Staging Employees (IATSE) Local 58. All contractors providing audio/visual production may provide supervision only.


Plumbing services including all water/drain/compressed air sources to the booths and the final connections must be provided by members of Local 46. Carpentry services must be provided by members of Local 27.


Painting/wall papering services must be provided by members of the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trade, District Council 46.



The following section covers all booth construction and safety guidelines relating to: Booth Configuration and Construction, Prohibited Materials, Fire Exits and Fire Protection Equipment, Obstructions, Use of Open Flame, Gasoline, Natural Gas or Diesel Powered Equipment/Vehicles, and Electrical Equipment and Connections.

Please note, use of helium balloons in your booth must be reviewed by show staff.


Booth Configuration and Construction


Requirements for Large Uncovered Booth/Exhibit Areas


The following rules apply to uncovered booths where there is no obstruction of the building’s sprinkler system.


  1. Any enclosed booth or showroom with a floor area greater than 200 m2 (2150 ft2 ) or an occupancy of 60 or more persons or where the distance to the exit is greater than 25.0 m (82 ft), must have two means of exit located as far apart as possible. The total width of all exits must be 559 mm (22 in) for every 90 persons occupying the area and no single exit doorway shall be less than 762 mm (30 in) wide.
  2. In addition, any booth with an area of 232.3 m2 (2500 ft2) or more must contain one fire extinguisher.

Walk through Exhibits that contain more than three walls or a single room (may have elevated floors, etc.) may require:


– A building permit

– Emergency lights

– Emergency exits

– Exhibitor should call the building inspector for inspection/engineer’s report

(a few days before the event)


Small room displays:

– Constructed of three walls and no ceiling (i.e. the public cannot get lost or trapped)   do not require a building permit.

– More than one room (walk through type) a permit may be required (same as Item 3).


3. When the show area does not make use of the entire floor area in a building, and drapes are used to separate the unused floor area from the show area, openings must be provided in the drapes that lead to the building’s fire exits. “FIRE EXIT” signs must also be provided over the openings.



Booth Configuration


The following booth configurations do not require formal approval by Enercare Centre, but shall abide by the requirements as noted:


(i)      Open top exhibition booths, less than 150 m2 (1610 ft2) in unsprinklered buildings.

(ii)     Open top exhibition booths, less than 200 m2 (2150 ft2) in sprinklered buildings.

(iii)    Platforms less than 610 mm (24 in) in height and/or 9.3 m2 (100 ft2) in (projected) floor area.

(iv)    Two means of exit, as far apart as possible, must be provided for enclosed booths under any of the following conditions:


a) An occupancy of 60 persons, or more;

b) Enclosed booth areas in excess of 150 m2 (1310 ft2), located in an unsprinklered building;

c) Enclosed booth areas in excess of 2000 m2 (2150 ft2), where the building is sprinklered;


(v)     Any booth within area of 232.3 m2 (2500 ft2) or more must contain one fire extinguisher.


The following booth configurations require formal approval from Enercare Centre. A description of the booths requiring approval shall be submitted to the Show Manager who in turn will submit the description to the Business Development/Special Events Department, Enercare Centre, for approval. Enercare Centre will discuss these configurations with the Toronto Fire Prevention Division and/or Toronto Urban Development Services.

1. Platforms exceeding 9.3 m2 (100 ft2 ) in (projected) floor area must comply with the Ontario Building Code.

2. Booths with flame retardant canopies less than 18.6 m2 (200 ft2 ).

3. Single-level roofed booths, two storey booths and booths with mezzanines require prior approval from Enercare Centre. They must be in accordance with the guidelines presented herein and NFPA 13 (1982) and the Ontario and National Building Codes.

 4. Two means of exit, as far apart as possible, must be provided for enclosed booths under any of the following conditions:


a) an occupancy of 60 persons or more;

b) enclosed booth areas in excess of 150m2 (1610 ft2 ), located in a unsprinklered building;

c) enclosed booth areas in excess of 200 m2 (2 150 ft2 ), where the building is sprinklered.



Booth Construction, Non-Decorative Materials


Notwithstanding the following, the stipulations and prohibitions specified below for decorative

material also apply to this section.


Booths may be constructed using steel, aluminium, glass, wood, plastic, etc. and any other non-combustible as regulated by the Ontario Building Code. CAN4-S114 “Standard Method of Test for Determination of Non-Combustibility in Building Material” is the provincial standard to establish a non-combustible rating for building materials.


In most cases, thick wooden structural members and panels such as plywood may be considered as flame resistant.  Wood veneer or thin wood panels not fixed to a backing are combustible. Combustible materials including plastics must have a flame spread rating not exceeding 150 and a smoke developed classification not exceeding 300.


If in the opinion of Enercare Centre a material might not pass the flame test, a test may be required.  Failure of this test may result in the exhibit being disallowed and removed.



Booth Construction, Decorative Materials


All materials used for construction or decoration of displays, booths etc. must be either non-combustible or treated and maintained in a flame-retardant condition by an approved flame retardant treatment or process.


Prohibited Materials and Materials That Require Flame Retardancy Treatment


Material                                                      Status

Acetate fabrics                                                Prohibited

Corrugated paper box board                        Prohibited unless flame retardant treatment

applied at factory

“No-seam” paper                                             Prohibited

Paper backed foil                                             Prohibited unless glued securely to suitable


Foamcore                                                           Prohibited

Drapes, curtains, drops, hanging, etc.          Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Decorative fabrics                                              Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Christmas trees, cut branches                         Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Dried Flowers, artificial flowers                      Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Motion picture screens                                      Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Paper (Note: cardboard or compressed         Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

paperboard less than 1/8” thick is

considered paper.)

Ruscus                                                                   Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Split wood                                                             Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Bamboo fibres                                                      Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Textiles                                                                  Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Styrofoam                                                              Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Gatorboard                                                            Must be treated with a flame retardant coating

Wallpaper                                                              Must be pasted securely to wall or wallboard


Plastics                                                                   Require approval from Enercare Centre



Booth Construction – ICF (Insulated Concrete Form)


In any booth constructed of ICF, there can only be 4’x8’ sections of the booth exposed and any section of booth opposite the exposed section must be covered. If any two sections of exposed ICF are located on the same wall the sections must be separated by a 4’x8’ covered section. Sections of ICF that must be covered should be covered by an acceptable building finish material (i.e. aluminium siding, stucco, drywall, etc).


Fire Exits and Fire Protection Equipment


It is important to note if there is a fire exit, fire hose cabinet, hose valve connection, fire    extinguisher or fire alarm pull station located in an exhibit space. It shall be the responsibility of the Show Manager or Exhibitor as the case may be, to provide clear unobstructed access, and if the view to such equipment is obstructed, to provide signage indicating the location of such equipment.





No articles shall be hung from or affixed to any sprinkler piping/heads or electrical conduit. Construction or ceiling decorations in show booths must not impede the operation of the sprinkler system.


All exit doors shall be in an operable condition and shall remain accessible and unobstructed at all times. All exit signs, fire hose cabinets, hose valve connections, portable fire extinguishers, manual pull stations, fire department handsets should not be obstructed in any manner. If signs indicating the location of the aforementioned items are obstructed by the booth layout, additional signs must be added, as required.


All entrances, exits, aisles, stairways, lobbies and passageways shall be unobstructed at all times. Easels, signs, etc. shall not be placed beyond the booth area into the aisles.


Where a booth is covered with a solid roof, the roof construction shall be substantial and fixed in position for the duration of the show.



Materials, Processes and Equipment within a Booth


In addition to the prohibited materials the following processes/equipment are strictly prohibited:


(i)      blasting agents or explosives

(ii)     flammable cryogenic gases

(iii)    aerosol cans with flammable propellants

(iv)    smoking (except in designated ”Smoking Areas”)

(v)     fuelling of motor vehicles

(vi)    liquefied petroleum or natural gas

(vii)   wood matches with “all surface strikes”

(viii)   hazardous refrigerants such as freon, sulphur dioxide or ammonia

(ix)    cellulose nitrate motion picture film

(x)     use of equipment approved for outdoor use only (for example barbecues)

(xi)    use of flammable liquid or dangerous chemicals

(xii)   electrical equipment or installation of electrical equipment that does not conform to

CSA-C22-1, Electrical Safety Code


The use of the following processes or equipment is subject to approval from Direct Energy

Centre. If any material, process or equipment requiring approval is to be used, the exhibitor shall submit in writing to the Show Manager the nature of the process or equipment and any

safeguards to be used to protect the hazard. Requests will be submitted by the Show Manager to Enercare Centre. Enercare Centre representative will review the request and respond with his/her approval, rejection or limitations.


(i)      Propane and Natural gas fired equipment.

(ii)     Operating any heater, grill, heat-producing device, open flame device candles or torches.

(iii)    Use of portable heating or cooking equipment to cook food.

(iv)    Fireworks must receive approval from Toronto Fire Services and be operated under the supervision of a federally licensed pyrotechnician.

(v)     Exhibits involving hazardous processing or materials not previously listed.

(vi)    Storage or display of ammunition and fire arms (subject to subsection 5.2 of the

Ontario Fire Code and Criminal Code).

(vii)   Pressure vessels including propane tanks

(viii)   Fossil fuel powered equipment.

(ix)    Hydraulically powered equipment using flammable fluids.

(x)     Radiation producing devices.



Combustible/Flammable Products for Sale


It is not necessary to flameproof textiles, paper or other combustible samples of merchandise

on display “for sale”. The quantity of each sample on display shall be limited to one salvageable length. Each sample must differ in colour, weave or texture.


It is also permissible to exhibit aerosols containing a flammable liquid on display “for sale”. One pressurised container, not exceeding 0.47 L (1 US liquid pint) capacity, of each flammable liquid may be exhibited.



Use of Open Flame


The following rules apply to use of open flames.


1. Flame(s) shall not be used solely to attract attention.


2. Exhibits utilising flame-producing devices must be attended at all times.


3. The use of an open flame is limited to certain articles of merchandise where the operation of an approved appliance or device definitely helps to promote the sale of such equipment.


4. Where candles are offered for sale, not more than four candles may be lit at any one time, and they must be shielded by hurricane type chimneys. If glass-contained candles are lit, the flame must not extend above the rim of the container.


5. An approved fire extinguisher must be installed in exhibit areas where flame-producing devices are used.


6. If at any time an Inspector deems any equipment or device to be operated in a manner dangerous to public safety, he/she will cancel the privilege of the exhibitor concerned.




Operation of Natural Gas or Propane Fired Appliances


For further details, information or copies of any of the regulations, contact:


Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA)

14th Floor, Centre Tower

3300 Bloor Street West

Toronto, Ontario M8X 2X4


CSA International

5060 Spectrum Way, Suite 100

Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5N6



Gasoline or Diesel Powered Equipment/Vehicles


The following rules apply to all gasoline or diesel powered equipment:


1. Motor vehicles or gasoline-powered equipment on display must be equipped with “lock-on” type gasoline tank caps. The electrical system shall be de-energised by either removing the battery or disconnecting both battery leads and covering them with electrical tape or another electrically insulating material. Fuel tanks must be filled as close to the ¾ mark as is possible (to prevent vaporisation and also allow for thermal expansion of the contents). Vehicles unable to be equipped with lock-on type caps must have caps sealed in a manner approved by Enercare Centre Safety Engineering Department.


2. Running of vehicles on display is prohibited without prior approval from Direct Energy Centre and the Fire Department. Vehicles required to be run as part of a performance or contest must be refuelled outdoors from approved safety containers.

3. Garden tractors, chain saws, power plants and other gasoline-powered equipment shall not contain any fuel and shall not be used for demonstrations without permission by Enercare Centre.




Propane or Natural Gas Fuelled Equipment/Vehicles


Fuel tanks on propane or natural gas fuelled vehicles or equipment must be empty. Similarly, cylinders for barbecues and /or appliances within any vehicle, camper, mobile home, etc. must be empty.



Electrical Equipment and Connections


In accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA C22.1 all electrical equipment must be approved before it may lawfully be advertised, displayed, offered for sale, sold or otherwise disposed of or used in the Province of Ontario.


It is therefore the responsibility of each Exhibitor to ensure that all electrical equipment in, on or about his/her booth comply with the above regulation. This includes electrical merchandise as well as lighting and display equipment.


Electrical equipment for which CSA approval is required shall be submitted to the Canadian

Standards Association, 178 Rexdale Boulevard, Rexdale, Ontario M9W 1R3, (416) 744-4089. The approval of this association is accepted to all electrical inspection authorities in Canada. Please contact the CSA for details to this procedure.


One of the fundamental requirements for Canadian Standards Association certification is that appropriate approval markings (CSA monogram/label) appear on each device. If such markings are missing, the device must be considered not approved and, therefore, subject to special inspection.


If you wish to display, offer for sale, or use, any electrical equipment which is not CSA certified, the item can be submitted to the CSA’s Electrical Inspections Department for approval by means of their electrical inspection services.



Move-in will be on a first-come first-served basis at the Enercare Centre WEST LOADING DOCKS. Vehicles will approach along Nunavut Road and will be met and marshaled by on-site staff.

Loading and Mashaling Area

Friday May 26 2017  12:00 Noon – 12:00 Midnight
Sunday May 28 2017  6:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight


Aisle carpet removal will begin at 6:01PM Sunday May 28, all exhibitors must be moved out by midnight Sunday May 28th.  Please note, any materials left on the show floor will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense. Let’s ensure a tidy and orderly move in and move out!

Please direct any move-in or move-out questions to info@findmeacondoshow.com





Signage Installation




Exhibitor Support Centre
Security Tips
Exhibition Place Security


Services Location Grid


For any questions about Enercare Centre Services, contact the Service Department at 416-263-3064 or E-Mail at exhibitorservices@enercarecentre.com



SHOWTECH provides electrical, lighting, mechanical, compressed gasses, and water services.
Please Email completed order forms to info@showtech.ca or fax to 905-283-0551
To order online, visit www.showtech.ca


Introduction to SHOWTECH

Important Facts for Exhibitors

Electrical Options

Rental Lighting Options

Electrical-Mechanical-Lighting Order Form Package

SHOWTECH Communicates with exhibitors via E-Mail to send reminders and other important information.


To ensure compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, please fill out the SHOWTECH waiver form.

Decorator, Furnishings, Logistics


The Find Me A Condo Show’s official service contractor is Stronco.


CLICK HERE to download the full order form package for the following services:


  • Display Tables & Drapery
  • Counters, Storage & Display Units
  • Accessories & Office Furnishing
  • Chairs, Stools, Tables, Sofas
  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Installation & Dismantling Labour
  • Carpet & Underpadding
  • Signs & Graphics
  • Material Handling Services
  • Advance Show Receiving
  • Transportation Services
  • Customs Brokerage Services


Please E-Mail completed forms to exhibitorservices@stronco.com


Online ordering is also available through www.stroncoonline.com



Additional a-la-carte marketing opportunities are available to all exhibitors and sponsors including:

  • Event Stage Booking – Connect directly with visitors by booking the event stage for presentations, talks, and demonstrations!
  • Entranceway Floor Decals – Make your mark on the Find Me A Condo Show with a floor logo decal.
  • Press release promotion – Be mentioned in our press release.


All quantities are limited, to order, E-Mail info@findmeacondoshow.com or call 647-920-5628


Events Stage Booking $500 / session
Floor Graphics – Medium 4’ x 4’ $675/ea
Floor Graphics – Large 7’ x 7’ $1,998/ea
Floor Graphics – Small 2.5’ x 2.5’ $375/ea
Press Release Promotion:  $250 / release